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05/02/2018  Advising Center Clean Up and Flower Planting- Shibles Hall (Karissa Keating)

05/02/2018  Alfond Stadium/ Satellite Lot Clean Up/ Trash Pick Up/Raking/Sweeping- RESERVED (Sandy Caron and Athletics) (0 Open)

05/02/2018  Alumni Hall Landscaping Clean up- RESERVED (Melinda Pelletier) (0 Open)

05/02/2018  Anita Whiry Garden clean up RESERVED (Facilities)

05/02/2018  Assist w/flag installation on Orono Bridge- RESERVED

05/02/2018  Athletics - Assist athletics staff with cleaning offices and purging old files. Meet Willi Gallant in the Memorial Gym. (3 Open)

05/02/2018  Aubert Hall Outdoor Cleanup (Aubert Staff) (5 Open)

05/02/2018  Belgrade Lot, trash pick up (6 Open)

05/02/2018  Bike Path Cleanup 1 (toward Witter Farm)- RESERVED (Wellness Resource Center) (0 Open)

05/02/2018  Bike Path Cleanup 2 (toward Park Street) (0 Open)

05/02/2018  Bike Rack Assembly/Cleanup/Raking around (campus wide) (3 Open)

05/02/2018  Blueberry Garden Cleanup- Located by the Rec Center (0 Open)

05/02/2018  Buchanan Alumni House Refreshing (Kathy Hill)

05/02/2018  Bus Stop cleanup (Sweeping, cleaning area) Preferably Commuter Students (9 Open)

05/02/2018  CCA Lot, trash pick up (4 Open)

05/02/2018  Car Wash for University Vehicles- Located at Motor Pool (0 Open)

05/02/2018  Chalk/Graffiti washing crew (5 Open)

05/02/2018  Charlie Slavin Plaza Cleanup (7 Open)

05/02/2018  Class of '45 Plaza Waterfall Rocks (5 Open)

05/02/2018  Class of '50 Flag Plaza Cleanup- located at the end of Munson Rd (5 Open)

05/02/2018  Clean stickers from light poles/benches etc. around Memorial Union/Library and across campus. (4 Open)

05/02/2018  Cutler Health Center Cleanup- RESERVED (Jacob Sol/UVAC)

05/02/2018  DEEMI Spring Cleanup - walk down to the DEEMI location on College Ave and wash and restock their vehicles RESERVED (Tom) (0 Open)

05/02/2018  DPC - General outdoor clean up - raking, weeding, picking up trash (5 Open)

05/02/2018  DTAV/Patch - Outside cleanup RESERVED (Shane Smith/Res. Life) (0 Open)

05/02/2018  Deering Hall Landscape Clean-Up (10 Open)

05/02/2018  Fay Hyland Botanical Garden General Trash Clean Up- RESERVED (Ben Bucklin/RA Staff) (0 Open)

05/02/2018  Food tables and chairs pickup assistance- Steamplant Parking Lot (Afternoon Project) (4 Open)

05/02/2018  Graduate Center flower bed clean up (1 Open)

05/02/2018  Greek Houses Pickup (Josh)

05/02/2018  Hancock/Hart/Oak Hall - cleaning and raking around the building (17 Open)

05/02/2018  Hannibal Hamlin Hall - Garden Clean Up (6 Open)

05/02/2018  Hilltop Lot, trash clean up (12 Open)

05/02/2018  Kennebec and Aroostook Hall raking/cleanup (5 Open)

05/02/2018  Keyo Building Entrance Cleanup (4 Open)

05/02/2018  Lemonade Brigade (Food Science Club)

05/02/2018  Lengyel Field Spring Revitalization (15 Open)

05/02/2018  Lengyel Hall Clean Up (10 Open)

05/02/2018  Littlefield Garden Clean Up- RESERVED (Phi Sigma Pi)

05/02/2018  MLK/Cloke Plaza Cleanup (Raking, cleaning under bushes)- RESERVED (Multicultural Center/David Patrick) (0 Open)

05/02/2018  Maine Day Meal Packout - Campus Rec Center - Come help us pack 100,000 meals that will be distributed in the local community. (0 Open)

05/02/2018  Minsky entrance clean up (4 Open)

05/02/2018  Murray Hall Courtyard- Rake, weeding and trash pick-up (8 Open)

05/02/2018  Nutting Hall Courtyard Clean up (0 Open)

05/02/2018  Old Town Recreation Center - Clean up (Club Sports - Dale Russell)

05/02/2018  Page Museum Heritage Garden clean up - help prep the vegetable garden beds for planting and cut back the herb garden to prepare for new growth. (0 Open)

05/02/2018  Picnic Table Painting New and Existing (Location Grounds Shop) (6 Open)

05/02/2018  Plant the M by the Cannons- RESERVED (Pi Beta Phi)

05/02/2018  Rake at the Children's Center at 113 College Ave- RESERVED (Laurie Petrie and Gamma Sigma Sigma) (0 Open)

05/02/2018  Rake the Mall (0 Open)

05/02/2018  Rake/Tool Distribution (4 Open)

05/02/2018  Rangley Road Trash Pick up from Park St-Hilltop Rd. (6 Open)

05/02/2018  RePainting Paw Prints Gannett and Cumberland- RESERVED (Taylor Dore)

05/02/2018  Roger's Farm- RESERVED

05/02/2018  Rose Garden clean up (3 Open)

05/02/2018  Storm Drain Stenciling- Spray paint the stencil on storm drains around campus (8 Open)

05/02/2018  Stormwater Outfall and River Bank Cleanup (12 Open)

05/02/2018  Sweep UPark (6 Open)

05/02/2018  Sweeping Walkways around campus (6 Open)

05/02/2018  Tool Check in on the Mall (2 Open)

05/02/2018  Trails Cleanup behind the Rec Center (0 Open)

05/02/2018  UCU Planter - planting flowers (work with some UCU staff!) (3 Open)

05/02/2018  Union/Library Raking and Cleanup (0 Open)

05/02/2018  VEMI grounds clean up / Boardman shuffle- RESERVED (VEMI LAB/Emily Blackwood)

05/02/2018  War Memorial Fountain - clean and plant- RESERVED (Nory Jones, MBS students, VETS office Army and Navy/Marine ROTC)

05/02/2018  Wilson Center Clean Up (10 Open)

05/02/2018  Witter Barn Clean Up (40 Open)