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05/03/2017  Alfond Stadium/ Satellite Lot Clean Up/ Trash Pick Up/Raking/Sweeping (9 Open)

05/03/2017  Alumni Hall Landscaping Clean up (0 Open)

05/03/2017  Athletics - Assist athletics staff with cleaning offices and purging old files. Meet Willi Gallant in the Memorial Gym. (0 Open)

05/03/2017  Belgrade Lot, trash pick up (6 Open)

05/03/2017  Bike Path Cleanup 2 (toward Park Street) (0 Open)

05/03/2017  Bike Path Cleanup/Invasive Plant Removal 1 (toward Witter Farm) (1 Open)

05/03/2017  Blueberry Garden Cleanup- Located by the Rec Center (0 Open)

05/03/2017  Bus Stop cleanup (Sweeping, cleaning area) Preferably Commuter Students (8 Open)

05/03/2017  CCA Lot, trash pick up (12 Open)

05/03/2017  Car Wash for University Vehicles- Located at Motor Pool (5 Open)

05/03/2017  Chalk/Graffiti washing crew (0 Open)

05/03/2017  Class of '45 Plaza Waterfall Rocks (5 Open)

05/03/2017  Clean stickers from light poles/benches etc. around Memorial Union/Library and across campus. (4 Open)

05/03/2017  DTAV/Patch - Outside cleanup (0 Open)

05/03/2017  Deering Hall Landscape Clean-Up (3 Open)

05/03/2017  Existing Bike Rack Cleanup/Raking around (campus wide) (6 Open)

05/03/2017  Fay Hyland Botanical Garden General Trash Clean Up (8 Open)

05/03/2017  Flagpole PlantingClass of '50 Flag Plaza Cleanup- located at the end of Munson Rd (5 Open)

05/03/2017  Food tables and chairs pickup assistance- Steamplant Parking Lot (Afternoon Project) (8 Open)

05/03/2017  Garden Clean Up around Hannibal Hamlin Hall (0 Open)

05/03/2017  General outdoor clean up around DPC- raking, weeding, picking up trash (6 Open)

05/03/2017  Graduate Center flower bed clean up (0 Open)

05/03/2017  Hilltop Lot, trash clean up (9 Open)

05/03/2017  Honors College Hungry 100K Meal Packing Event - Memorial Gym - Come help us pack 100,000 meals that will be distributed in the local community. (24 Open)

05/03/2017  Kennebec and Aroostook Hall raking/cleanup (5 Open)

05/03/2017  Keyo Building Entrance Cleanup (3 Open)

05/03/2017  MLK/Cloke Plaza Cleanup (Raking, cleaning under bushes) (0 Open)

05/03/2017  Merrill Hall 331 Office Painting (3 Open)

05/03/2017  Minsky entrance clean up (1 Open)

05/03/2017  Nutting Hall Courtyard Clean up (0 Open)

05/03/2017  Page Museum Heritage Garden clean up - help prep the vegetable garden beds for planting and cut back the herb garden to prepare for new growth. (12 Open)

05/03/2017  Picnic Table Painting New and Existing (Location Grounds Shop) (3 Open)

05/03/2017  Planting flowers in the planter at UCU (work with some UCU staff!) (0 Open)

05/03/2017  Rake the Mall (0 Open)

05/03/2017  Rake/Tool Distribution (0 Open)

05/03/2017  Rangley Road Trash Pick up from Park St-Hilltop Rd. (3 Open)

05/03/2017  Storm Drain Stenciling- Spray paint the stencil on storm drains around campus (7 Open)

05/03/2017  Stormwater Outfall and River Bank Cleanup (3 Open)

05/03/2017  Sweep UPark (6 Open)

05/03/2017  Sweeping Walkways around campus (6 Open)

05/03/2017  Tool Check in on the Mall (0 Open)

05/03/2017  Trails Cleanup behind the Rec Center with Thad Dwyer (0 Open)

05/03/2017  Union/Library Raking and Cleanup (2 Open)

05/03/2017  University Forests Field Office - help prepare a donation of firewood for the Waldo County Wood Shed. Project will take place at the Field office which is located on College Ave Extension beyond McDonald's. This project is recommended for students in the School of Forest Resources but it not restricted. (0 Open)

05/03/2017  University Forests Field Office - help put a new coat of stain on the University Forest's Pole Barn. Barn is located on College Ave Extension beyond McDonald's. This project is recommended for students in the School of Forest Resources but it not restricted. (1 Open)