Maine Day Projects

04/28/2015  Belgrade Lot, trash pick up (6 Open)

04/29/2015  Bike Path Cleanup (15 Open)

04/29/2015  Bus Stop cleanup (Sweeping, cleaning area) Preferably Commuter Students (10 Open)

04/29/2015  CCA Lot, trash pick up (1 Open)

04/29/2015  Car Wash for 300xxx Vehicles (10 Open)

04/29/2015  Chalk/Graffiti washing crew (5 Open)

04/29/2015  Clean interior of Memorial Union (sweeping stairs, disinfecting railings, cleaning windows, dusting etc) (0 Open)

04/29/2015  DTAV/Patch - Outside cleanup (5 Open)

04/29/2015  Existing Bike Rack Cleanup/Raking around (campus wide) (0 Open)

04/29/2015  Flagpole Planting (1 Open)

04/29/2015  Flower Beds around UMaine sign- Alfond (6 Open)

04/29/2015  Flower Beds around UMaine sign- Bangor Savings (BSB bringing in rakes) (6 Open)

04/29/2015  Flower Beds around UMaine sign- Buchanan House (6 Open)

04/29/2015  Food tables and chairs pickup assistance (2 Open)

04/29/2015  Hilltop Lot, trash clean up (8 Open)

04/29/2015  Kennebec Hall raking/cleanup (1 Open)

04/29/2015  MLK/Cloke Plaza Cleanup (Raking, cleaning under bushes) (1 Open)

04/29/2015  Murray Hall Courtyard (Rake, weeding and trash pick-up) (2 Open)

04/29/2015  Parking Services Inventory- COunting parking spaces in parking lots (0 Open)

04/29/2015  Picnic Table Painting (Location Grounds Shop) (0 Open)

04/29/2015  Planting flowers in the planter at UCU (work with some UCU staff!) (6 Open)

04/29/2015  Rake the Mall (10 Open)

04/29/2015  Rake/Tool Distribution (5 Open)

04/29/2015  Stormwater Outfall and River Bank Cleanup (4 Open)

04/29/2015  Sweeping Walkways around campus (1 Open)

04/29/2015  Trail 3 Cleanup (9 Open)

04/29/2015  UMaine Map Kiosk flower beds (8 Open)

04/29/2015  Union/Library Raking and Cleanup (19 Open)

04/29/2015  Wilson Center (Cleaning gardens, weeding, planting, trimming, etc) (2 Open)

04/29/2015  Witter Farm - raking around the farm, picking up trash, painting fences, picking rocks, and organizing. This will be only a few days before two of our big shows so we need all the help we can get to prepare!! (Students can either carpool to the farm or walk down the bike path) (1 Open)