Ways to assist in and around CPU

Time Details Name
1:00am Check all the opportunities. Some are time-sensitive but most are not. We know people like to see ways to help so here's a list! 😁  Sign Up
1:00am Dig a window well in the courtyard  Jamie Stevens 
1:00am Empty Lounge Nov 1 to prepare for new carpet. 9:30 AM  Betsy Starr Dolber 
1:00am Empty Lounge Nov 1 to prepare for new carpet. 9:30 AM  Cathie Weldon 
1:00am Empty Lounge Nov 1 to prepare for new carpet. 9:30 AM  Gary Spiller 
1:00am Glue vinyl baseboard at the bottom of the Annex stairs. ECL has the baseboard but what type of glue works?  Sign Up
1:00am Identify and list electrical circuits on new panel. This takes one person at the panel and one 'runner' to test power in each outlet  Dylan Charbonneau and friend, with ECL 
1:00am Install floor tile strips in Annex entrance. We have the materials.  Sign Up
1:00am Install light fixture HIGH up in Annex entrance. We have the fixture.  Sign Up
1:00am Move awkward shaped but not heavy items from stage to laundry room storage. Coordinate with ECL for day and time  Dylan 
1:00am Paint arrows on parking lot after potholes are repaired in June. Coordinate with ECL. We have arrow stencils and paint.  Vincent Randy 
1:00am Paint the Annex entrance steps (indoors).  Sign Up
1:00am Polish the light fixture above the sanctuary door. Is it brass or copper? Coordinate with ECL please  Jeannie and Bill Blevins 
1:00am Refinish the TOP of the pine table in the Lounge  Sign Up
1:00am Repair cracks and chips in concrete on daycare steps. Coordinate with ECL  Randy Gunion 
1:00am Repair fence in East side yard -- needs to be stabilized, if that is even possible!Contact ECL for a photo of it.  Sign Up
1:00am Repair screen on Annex door or buy and install a second hand one. The current screen door is ancient!  Cathie Weldon 
1:00am Stick labels on envelopes before Nov 4. Can be done at home.  Betsy 
1:00am Trim SOME of the ivy that's creeping up to our new window facing the parking lot.  Sign Up

For questions or comments please contact the event coordinator - Elizabeth Chown Lafreniere 5146953337