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Signup Schedule

Volunteer scheduling made easy...

Follow the links above to learn more about Signup Schedule, if you have any questions we're just a few clicks away...

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What if I have forgotten my username or password?
No problem. You can retrieve your login credentials by email here.. Forgot username or password?
Can I have more than one Signup Schedule account?
You can, but remember there is no limit to the number of events for your account. If still wish to setup another account, you will need to use a unique email address.
Do volunteers need to register with Signup Schedule?
No. In fact, they only need to provide the information according to your preferences. You decide what information you want to collect and require.
Is my account information kept private?
Yes. We respect your privacy and we are dedicated to maintaining the privacy of your coordinators and volunteers. For more information please review our Privacy Policy.
How do I logout of the administrator area?
Signup Schedule uses Apache .htaccess authentication. This stores your login credentials in your browser session. To logout, just close your web browser. This is a good practice even for programs that provide means to logout.
Where do I go if I still have questions or need support?
Signup Schedule has a Help file accessible from the administrator area. If you ever need additional assistance we are available via Live Support.

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